ZCS Hall of Fame

ZCS Hall of Fame

Mr. Ron L. Apperson
Mrs. Paula Thomas McColl
Mr. James L. Burrier
Ms. Michele Redman
Vice Adm. Albert M. "Bert" Calland III
Dr. & Mrs. J. Diehl Sulsberger
Mr. Wayne Carpenter
Mr. Fred R. Taylor
Mr. Kevin D. Martin Jr.
Mr. Donis E. Toler Sr.
Mrs. Mary Ann Boyd BucciMr. Jay Payton
Dr. C. Brent DeVoreMr. Don Stahl
Mr. Bob GaitersMr. Jonathon Thomas
Mr. Ronald "Buster" HoweMr. George Vlerebome
Mr. Bob JohnsonThe Hon. Howard "Butch" Zwelling
Mr. Chuck Bryant
Ms. Erika Goines
Mr. Mark Dantonio
The Hon. Perry Jackson
Mr. Forest Farmer
Mr. Mark Mees
Dr. Harley Flack
Mr. Jim Sayre
Dr. Gottlieb "Bud" Friesinger
Dr. Charles Thomas
Mr. Tim Coffey
Mr. Stanley Morse
Mr. Trafford Dick
Mr. Norris Schneider
Mr. Clarence Jones
Mr. John Simpson
Mr. Tom Lyall
Mrs. Karen Brock-Goff Dyser
Mr. Melvin "Sy" Oliver
Mr. Pearl "Zane" Grey
Mr. David Schubach
Mr. John Matesich III
Dr. William Stewart
Mr. Jim McCandlish
Mr. Ty Tucker
Brig. Gen. Michael McHenry
'55 State Champ Basketball Team
Dr. Joe Booth
Mr. Dale Mautz
Mr. Todd Cerney
Dr. John R. Miller
Mr. Wayne Clark
Mr. James Robinson
Mr. Chris Gaiters
Mr. Jeffrey Apperson
Mr. Robert Rankin
Mr. Rolland Buxton
Mr. Todd Rollins
Mr. Mike Kaido
Mr. Don Seevers
Dr. Alicia Kaye Matthews
Dr. Ruth Friedeman Stein
Mr. Troy Balderson
Mr. Donald Mason
Mr. Clay Graham
Mr. Steve Smith
Mr. Walker Huffman
Ms. Shannon Sowers
Mr. Seth Martin
Mr. Fred Bollerer
Mr. Darren LaShelle
Mr. Kenneth Burke
Dr. John McCarroll
Mr. Jeffrey Jacob
Dr. Myron Moorehead
Ms. Micah Jones
Mr. Douglas Vinsel
Mr. Robert Kessler
Lt. j.g. Osborne Wiseman
Mr. Christopher Brooks
CMSgt. Robert Sealey
Mr. Ronald Bucci
Kim Dean Stimpson, MD
Dr. John Darringer
Dr. Brenda Kay Toler
Mr. Edward Gilbert
Mr. Tom Wharton
Mr. James McDonald
Dr. C. David Zarley

About the hall

The Hall of Fame was established in 2007 and inducted its first class the following year. It was established to recognize outstanding accomplishments, honors or recognition in athletics; business; fine arts; education; service to school or community through academics, military service and/or government service; and humanitarian pursuits.

Nominees must have graduated high school no less than ten years prior to nomination. Coaches must not have coached for Zanesville City Schools in the previous five years, and have coached for ZCS for at least ten years. The committee will also accept nominations of entire athletic teams.

We invite you to read the biographies of our ourstanding Hall of Fame members, located in the links at left. Listings of each induction class follows.


The purpose of the Zanesville City Schools Hall of Fame is to recognize and perpetuate the names of those men and women who have displayed outstanding ability in organized, recognized high school sports; academics; and/or other curricular or extra-curricular activities; and/or have contributed meritorious service to the prestige and progress of the Zanesville City Schools.
The qualifications for induction into the Hall of Fame:
  • Alumni must have graduated from Zanesville High School at least ten (10) years prior to the year of nomination.
  • Those nominated as coaches must not have coached organized high school sport in Zanesville City Schools for at least the last five (5) previous school years. These people must have coached in the Zanesville City Schools for at least five (5) years.
  • Non-graduated nominees must have distinguished themselves through meritorious service that contributed to the prestige, development, and recognition of the Zanesville City Schools.
If you wish to nominate someone for consideration by the induction committee for the next class of inductees, please complete the nomination form below and return it to the Hall of Fame Committee. Please also include any supplemental information that would assist the committee in fully assessing a nominee's candidacy.
The deadline for the nominations for the Class of 2019 is Friday, December 1, 2018. 

Nomination Form

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