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Zanesville City Schools  \  Administration
Zanesville City Schools
The Administration Center
956 Moxahala Avenue
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
P: 740-454-9751
F: 740-455-4325


Email, Office Phone
Appleman, Kevin
Executive Director of Operations
Office: 740-454-9751
Baker, Dr. Doug
Office: 740-454-9751
Chappelear, Nancy
Administrative Assistant / Special Education
Office: 740-454-9751
Christian, Maureen
Intervention Specialist & Coordinator of Services / JDC
Cramer, Carol
Administrative Assistant / Student Services
Office: 740-454-9751
Curry, Fred
Attendance Officer / Professional Security Guard
Curry, Teresa
Assistant Treasurer | Budgetary
Office: 740-454-9751
DalPonte, Alexis
Speech Patholigist
Dennis, Nicholas
District Chef
Dodge, Steve
Title 1 - Tutor / JDC
Dodson, Joyce
Coordinator of Benefits
Office: 740-454-9751
Doyle, Allison
Administrative Assistant to Director of Title I & Federal Programs
Elswick, Paul
Coordinator or Systems / Networking
Emmert, Michael
Director of Human Resources | Curriculum 7-12
Fisher, Jacob
Director of Technology
Office: 740-454-9751
Ford, Jane
Transportation Supervisor
Gruey, Samantha (Pete)
District Virtual Psychologist
Guinsler, Beverly
Head Nurse
Hardesty, Jim
Computer Technician
Hittle, Matt
Director of Facilities & Services
Office: 740-454-9751
Hoskinson, Michelle
Special Education Supervisor
Hutchinson, Marsha
Administrative Assistant
Jordan, Michelle
Director of Exceptional Education
Office: 740-454-9751
Lawler, Kelly
Assistant Treasurer | Payroll
Office: 740-454-9751
Lee, Margie
EMIS Coordinator
Office: 740-454-9751
Moore, Jeff
Executive Director, Zanesville Community HIgh School
Office: 740-588-5685
Mumford, Abbe
Speech / Language Pathologist
Neal, Michelle
Technology Integrated Specialist
Norris, Payton
Technology Integrated Specialist
Phillips, Marvin
Computer Technician
Pratt, Libby
Tech Intern
Riley, Johanna
Assistant to the Superintendent
Office: 740-454-9751
Roberts, Glen
Custodian / Courier
Rowe, Denise
Reading Recovery Teacher Leader & 21st Century Coordinator
Rudloff, Jim
Public Information Officer
Office: 740-453-0335
Rutter, Austin
Coordinator of Instructional Support
Office: 740-453-0335
Schmitt, Matthew
Tech Intern
Seekatz, Linda
School Psychologist
Office: 740-454-9751
Stallard, Mark
Director of Title I & Federal Programs | K-6 Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
Stewart, Jennifer
Building Secretary
Tompkins, Laura
Executive Director of Academic Leadership
Tonnous, Mercedes
Psychologist Assistant / Teacher on Assignment
Van Kirk, Erica
Administrative Assistant | Student Services
Wheeler, Vicki
Supervisor / Food Services
Office: 740-454-9751
Wildroudt, Tisha
Gifted Intervention Specialist
Young, Mike
Office: 740-454-9751