Matt Hittle, Supervisor
Jane Ford | Administrative Assistant

If you have any questions,
please contact us at 740-588-5546.

Bus Routes

Request Forms

Print, fill out, and send. Please print legibly!
This can be filled in on your computer. Either print and send, or attach to an email.

Discipline Policy

  • 1st Write-Up – Verbal warning.
  • 2nd Write-Up – Lunch detention / loss of privilege at school.
  • 3rd Write-Up – 1 to 3 days off the bus.
  • 4th Write-Up – 5 days off the bus.
Days off the bus will continue to multiply if the student continues to misbehave, or could be expelled from the bus for the remainder of the year.
PRESCHOOL STUDENTS must ride the preschool buses as their school day start and end times differ from the regular elementary school days.
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