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Voice Recognition


Kelsie Churchill
Coach - 8th Grade
Coach - 7th Grade

Sa. 8/19 at Licking Valley, with Mount Vernon9 AM
M. 8/21 at Lakewood6:45 PM
W 8/23 at Licking Heights6:45 PM
M. 8/28 Utica6:45 PM
W. 8/30 Granville6:45 PM
W. 9/6 Watkins Memorial6 :45 PM
Sa. 9/9 Licking Valley, with Mount Vernon9 AM
M. 9/11at Northridge6:45 PM
W. 9/13 Licking Heights6:45 PM
M. 9/18Johnstown6:45 PM
W. 9/20 at Granville6:45 PM
M. 9/25 at Heath6:45 PM
W. 9/27at Watkins Memorial6:45 PM
M. 10/2 Newark Catholic6:45 PM
TBALCL TournamentTBA
Sa. 8/19at Mount Vernon, with Licking Valley9 AM
M. 8/21at Lakewood5:30 PM
W 8/23at Licking Heights5:30 PM
M. 8/28Utica5:30 PM
W. 8/30Granville5:30 PM
W. 9/6Watkins Memorial5:30 PM
Sa. 9/9Licking Valley & Mount Vernon9 AM      
M. 9/11at Northridge5:30 PM
W. 9/13Licking Heights5:30 PM
M. 9/18Johnstown5:30 PM
W. 9/20at Granville5:30 PM
M. 9/25at Heath5:30 PM
W. 9/27at Watkins Memorial5:30 PM
M. 10/2Newark Catholic5:30 PM
TBALCL TournamentTBA