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Year 1 Timeline

Mentor/Resident Educator "Year 1" Timeline

Expectations of Mentor and Resident Educator

--Also use the Mentor Log at the bottom of page for quick checks
__Mentor meets RE at assigned building to assist with room set-up and functions of the school/classroom
__Mentor introduces RE to all staff members
__Mentor assists RE w/”Power Teacher”, Meet the Teachers”
__Mentor begins discussion regarding Pretest
__Mentor meets with RE one-hour weekly
__Mentor assists RE with “Teaching Environment: Class
__Mentor and RE meets with RE one hour weekly.  Use the Collaborative log (linked above) used throughout the year to record conversation goals.
__ Mentor meets with RE one-hour weekly
__Mentor and RE complete “Self Assessment Summary Tool
__Mentor makes first “Informal” Observation as preparation with RE
__Mentor assists RE with finalizing grades for 1st 9 weeks
__Mentor assists RE with preparations for P/T Conferences
__ Mentor meets with RE one-hour weekly
__Mentor and RE complete first “Formal Observation to set observation plan.  
__RE and Mentor review Goal setting template.  Mentor assists RE in setting two SMART Goals for  OTES professional growth plan. They are your initial targets for the year. DO NOT USE Standards 6 or 7 as goals. RE and Mentor should reflect/discuss Principal’s observations/ evaluations as part of goal-setting process.
__ Mentor Leader will check Notebook 
___Mentor continues to make observations of RE and meets with RE one-hour weekly
__RE will video themselves and discuss with mentor 
__Mentor continues to make observations of RE.
__RE starts filling out “Cycle OneInstructional Plan only with two students-one high and one low focusing on yellow highlighted questions.
__ Mentor meets with RE one-hour weekly
__RE completes Lesson Study- “Cycle One”  "Reflection on Instruction and Revision"  
__RE completes “Mid-Year Review of SMART Goals"with assistance from mentor as needed.
__ Mentor Leader with will check Notebook
__ Mentor meets with RE one-hour weekly
__RE continues making “Exemplary Teacher “observations.
__RE Videos themselves and discusses with mentor 
__Mentor assesses RE's progress with SMART GOALS 
__RE begins “Cycle Two” Lesson Study focusing on Blue highlighted questions. You may use the same two students or pick two new ones
 Mar.__ Mentor meets with RE one-hour weekly
__RE continues focus on “Cycle Two” lesson study focusing on 
blue highlighted questions.
__ RE and Mentor continue to make observations of each other and exemplary teachers (if needed).

__RE begins “Cycle Three” Lesson Study. 

__ Mentor assists RE with Ohio State Test info, rules and room prep as applicable
__ RE discusses/reflects with mentor and 2nd principal observation/evaluation.
__ Mentor meets with RE one-hour weekly
__ RE finishes “Cycle Three” Lesson Study.
__Mentor completes final “Formal Observation” of RE 
__Mentor and RE will complete FPR
__ RE completes “End of the Year Review” section on two SMART Goals with mentor’s assistance.
__RE review and retakes “First Year Resident’s Self-Assessment” .
__RE sets goals for next year.
__Mentor completes Reflection
__Mentor assists RE with end of year paperwork, room closure details, and final grade submissions for students. 
__ Notebooks due after Spring Break