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Dental Health Program

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Dental Health Program
Zanesville City Schools recognized the value and need for a dental health program more than 65 years ago. Dental health affects personal appearance, self image and the basic health of all students, which, in turn, affects school attendance and academic success.

With the slogan, "Let's Smile Zanesville Style," and with an established dental health curriculum, the program teaches students ways to keep their teeth healthy by brushing, flossing, using flouride, using proper nutrition, and regularly seeing a dentist, while also teaching them about gum disease and avoiding the use of tobacco.

The Soroptimist International Club of Zanesville was instrumental in initiating a dental health program in our schools in 1942. With the support of our school board and administration, the Soroptimists provided financial support for the grassroots establishment of the school dental program, and the club continues to help purchase dental and educational supplies.
All students in Zanesville City Schools benefit from the dental health program. The educational program reaches out to all students in hopes they will understand the importance of keeping their teeth for a lifetime. Jessica Summers, Registered Dental Hygienist, provides dental treatment each week in the district's mobile dental unit. She also prepares students to see the dentist through a recall system, classroom education, dental screenings, making referrals to parents, and toothache and emergency care concerns.

The dental health program's mission is to strive for a life-long understanding and personal acceptance of good nutrition and dental care. The results have been tremendous in improving the condition of students' teeth and oral health.
The Zanesville City Schools system is recognized statewide for its comprehensive dental health program, and its role in providing a unique and valuable care for its students. With the cooperation of the staff and administration, this successful program continues to move forward and reach our students – and "That's Something to Smile About!"