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2023-24 ZHS Student Handbook
(PDF | click title to download)

Being on time and in attendance is IMPORTANT.
Students not meeting Ohio's 93% attendance requirement
may lose privileges. Any student with 5 or more unexcused tardies
or late arrivals within a semester will not be permitted
to attend school dances nor special end-of-the-year activities
such as Homecoming, Prom, Senior Trip, Senior Field Day, etc.
Students should see Mr. Curry at least two weeks prior to events to arrange times to make up missed time in order to earn back privileges. Time will be made up in Friday School.


The school recognizes that grooming and mode of dress are personal attributes, and the responsibility for the individual’s personal appearance is largely the responsibility of the student and his/her parents. However, community standards of decency and good taste in personal appearance are most important, especially in group settings with a life altering purpose.

One’s dress and grooming tend to reflect one’s attitude and respect for self, as well as others. Experience has shown that student attire has an effect on conduct, as well as general attitude toward educational tasks. (For example, research shows that in schools where a school uniform has been required, disciplinary actions are reduced by up to 60 percent, and academic achievement has increased by as much as 30 percent in a single year.) Therefore, the school has a responsibility to determine guidelines for student dress and grooming in a manner creating an atmosphere conducive to maximum learning as well as to help prepare them for the world of work after graduation. In addition to being appropriate, the student’s clothing should be clean. The student should have clean hair, body, fingernails and footwear. Long hair must be controlled by a hair net or other acceptable means when around machines or other devices in which the hair could become entangled.

Styles and the names of articles of clothing change frequently. Therefore, it is impossible to list all inappropriate items. In cases where there is a question of appropriateness for school, the principal or assistants will make the final decision.

The following articles of clothing and/or accessories are examples of inappropriate wear for school:
  1. Halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, spaghetti-strap tops, muscle shirts, net jerseys, or any type top which exposes an unusual amount of the upper torso (girls or boys).
  2. See-through clothing.
  3. Gym clothing, pajama pants or loungewear.
  4. Hats, bandanas, scarves and other head coverings (girls or boys). This includes the hood of a hooded shirt. Headbands may be worn to keep hair out of face/eyes.
  5. Clothing which is torn, ripped, cut up or defaced.
  6. Clothing with sexually suggestive or obscene words and/or pictures including double meaning; Any item promoting racial or ethnic disrespect; Items promoting violence, illegal acts or unethical behavior.
  7. Clothing that fits improperly (too large, too small, too tight).
  8. Shorts/skirts which do not equal the position of the fingertips with arms and fingers extended.
  9. Wallet chains or other heavy chains (necklaces) capable of use as weapons.
  10. Studded collars or wristbands, jewelry deemed dangerous.
  11. No costumes.
Students who drive to school must obey all laws governing the operation of motor vehicles in the State of Ohio, as well as the regulations of Zanesville High School.
Students and their parents or guardians are liable for property damage or personal injury which may result from the operation of a motor vehicle. It is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to have adequate insurance. If a vehicle is not insured, it may not be driven on ZHS property.
  1. Student parking is restricted to the upper (B) and lower (A) parking lots in front of the building, and the parking lots north of the high school, with no parking in the entrances or exits from parking areas or driveways, or along the side grass island.
  2. Students are not to loiter in the parking lot areas, whether inside or outside of vehicles.
  3. No student is to park his or her car in the church or synagogue lots east of the school.
  4. Students are REQUIRED to register their vehicles with the high school principal's office. Each student will receive a parking tag to be displayed by hanging it from the rear-view mirror when the vehicle is parked. All vehicles driven to school will require proof of insurance at the time of registration.
  5. Reckless operation of a vehicle on school property may result in disciplinary action up to and including the loss of driving privileges to school.
Teachers and administrators have assigned parking spaces, and those spaces are not to be used by students even if found vacant after the school day begins.